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    Exotic Pets - Large Burmese Python

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Exotic Pets - Large Burmese Python - as part of the series on pets and animals by GeoBeats.

    This is a Large Burmese Python. This is the potential size they can reach, and this one happens to be a dwarf. She is about 12 to 13 feet long, weighs close to 100, 120 pounds and she would not get any bigger. The best way to handle them, like I said, is to have someone around when they get this big, or to keep control of her head and just do not let her close the loop around somewhere high where you have to breathe.

    Her temperament; she is used to being handled, we use her a lot for a lot of educational talks. She gets pawed and clawed a lot. Right now she just wants to support herself, the more supported her body weight is, the more comfortable she feels. So, if I just threw her down on the floor and let her drape over my neck, she starts squirming a lot because she is not supported.