Baseball and Softball Catching Stance - Comfort Stance - Chad Moeller

Chad Moeller

by Chad Moeller

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So I was fortunate. I had a lot of great coaches in my career. One of my favorite coaches was Tony Pena. It was when I was with the New York Yankees. Tony was flamboyant. He was exciting. He’s one of the greatest catchers to ever play this game. He’s often remembered for one of his one catchers stance. He would have a way of being on the ground, leg out to the side on a knee. Yeah that’s the picture. And when he would set up like this, you wondered how he’d even get up. But that was his comfort stance. And in today’s lesson were going to talk about your comfort stance. Well what is a comfort stance?

That is where there’s nobody on base. There’s not two strikes on the hitter. This is where we have to be comfortable as a catcher. This is where we want to spend our game. We want to sit here.

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