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    Hukou Waterfall Icicles Draw Tourists


    by NTDTelevision

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    People are braving the cold weather to see a beautiful and naturally occurring attaction at Hukou Waterfall in China's northwest. The freezing water turns into icicles as it hits the river.

    Tourists have been flocking to see the natural icicles at the Hukou Waterfall at the junction of northwestern Shaanxi Province and northern Shanxi Province.

    Due to the increasing humidity and recent cold fronts blowing toward the south, the water from the Hukou mountain streams freezes almost as soon as it hits the river, forming large numbers of icicles. Observers say the icicles look silver in the sunlight.

    The Hukou Waterfall, China's second largest, is usually around 100 feet wide. However, it can widen to around 165 feet during the local flood season.

    As the waters of the Yellow River flow into the Hukou Mountains, the riverbanks get narrower, which increases both the speed and power of the water. As the water rushes down from the river's narrow mouth, it forms the spectacular Hukou Waterfall.