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    Sea Ice Covers More Than Half of Liaodong Bay


    by NTDTelevision

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    Major ports in northeaast China have been severely affected by thousands of square miles of sea ice. Liaodong Bay in Liaoning Province is more than half covered in ice.

    In northeast China, sea ice stretching almost 8000 square miles is continuing to paralyze Liaodong Bay in Liaoning Province. This amounts to more than half of the bay area, according to the State Oceanic Administration.

    The bay's shipping industry in major ports has been severely impacted by the ice.

    In Yingkou Port, temperatures fell to almost zero degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, as the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center issued a sea-ice blue alert.

    [Shang Jie, Beihai Forecasting Center]:
    "This sea ice is caused by the cold air, which has two elements—one being gale winds and the other—drastic temperature drops."

    More than 13,000 square miles of ocean, reaching to the Bohai and Yellow Seas, have been affected by the sea ice conditions, and this is forecast to continue.

    [Shang Jie, Beihai Forecasting Center]:
    "The cold air will last for some time, and the sea ice area will continue to expand. Also, the blue alert will be issued along with the cold weather."

    Authorities have been warned to prepare for worsening sea ice conditions, as temperatures are expected to remain low.