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    Ghost of Me


    by Univore

    "Ghost of Me" was born from a brief spasm of pain Marco experienced
    when a young woman let him go upon arriving to the United States from
    a trip to Guatemala in the early Spring. Things weren't the same when
    she came back. She had grown as a person. Her travels had seasoned and
    enlightened her, rendering her no longer compatible with him. When she
    returned, he crowded her, asked her for time that she could not lend.
    They argued, she accused him of clinging. Poor sod. The melody and
    chord progression arose from the shallow depression that followed,
    fueled by vodka and want of calories from neglected meals. But he has
    since healed and is no longer concerned with the transparent dealings
    of someone who has since proven to be a disingenuous, tactless flake.
    Several other adjectives could be used to describe the young woman,
    but who would want to denigrate our English language by applying it to
    entities so unworthy of its syllables? Marco is outright embarrassed
    that he once aspired to spend more time with her, let alone wasted
    intellect on such a lamentation over losing her. But no matter what he
    says, Univore encourages you to enjoy the musical elements of this