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    Opposition Gears up Ahead of Bahrain Uprising Anniversary


    by NTDTelevision

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    Opposition groups in Bahrain reassert their right to freedom of expression and the right to hold gatherings at a rally in West Manama. Skirmishes with police are increasing in the lead up to the anniversary of the start of the Pearl Roundabout protests.

    Bahrain's opposition stepped up their protests as the anniversary of the uprising a year ago nears.

    Calls are being made to re-occupy the pearl roundabout - the center of protests which began on February 14, 2011.

    Opposition parties held a rally on Tuesday evening calling for democratic reforms and the right to go back to Pearl roundabout which is currently guarded by military tanks.

    Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab is frequently seen at protests in Bahrain.

    [Nabeel Rajab, Human Rights Activist]:
    "The right of expression, the right to hold gatherings: these are two rights the regime is trying to take away from us. I want to tell you that we should go to Manama, hold protests and without permission - to stand up to this government and maintain that this is one of our rights."

    Demonstrations and clashes with police have escalated in the run-up to the February 14th anniversary of the start of the protests.