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    Fireworks Blaze in Beijing on Lantern Festival


    by NTDTelevision

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    Amid the lively Chinese Lantern Festival celebrations, a large fire caused by fireworks destroyed a dormitory in Beijing on Monday night.

    Around 6 PM, sparks originating from fireworks were blown onto the roof of the building, igniting the blaze in west Beijing's Haidian District.

    The fire was put out about an hour later. No injuries were reported.

    Firefighters recently warned that it was dangerous to set off fireworks due to the dry and windy in Beijing over the past few days.

    Every year, numerous fires are ignited across China during the New Year celebrations by amateur fireworks displays. During the Lunar New Year, a firework ban is lifted in most urban areas across China for the 16 days between the Lunar New Year's Eve and the Lantern Festival.

    The Lantern Festival, which was celebrated yesterday, marks the end of Lunar New Year.