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    RCTV# 504:Queensryche/Otto Kinzel/Alestorm

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    Epiosde # 504 entitled "What A Moment!" The Scottish Pirate metal of Alestorm!! One of the best drinking bands! D-D-D-Danny sits down with the very sarcastic vocalist/Keyboardist Christopher Bowes.

    Underground artist Otto Kinzel and his music video "I want to Report a Murder" froma concept album about the infamous Serial Killer the Zodiac.

    Our friend Bryan Stow was severely beaten on opening day at Dodgers stadium for being an SF Giants fan. His favorite band happens to be Queensryche. So Reality Check TV made arrangements for the band to meet Bryan at SF General. The band was very moved bythis experience and talk about their feelings as well as their 30th anniversary tour and singer Geoff Tate's custom wine.