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    Moscow Police Arrest Anti-Putin Protesters


    by NTDTelevision

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    Russian police officers arrest 16 anti-Putin protesters at an unsanctioned opposition picket. The protesters were demonstrating outside Russia's Central Election Commission in Moscow. Here's more.

    Russian police officers detained sixteen opposition protesters holding an anti-Putin picket outside the Central Electoral Committee in central Moscow on Tuesday.

    The demonstrators, who are members of opposition group "The Other Russia", shouted slogans such as "We will stop the dictatorship!" and "Russia will be free!".

    The also tried to hand out anti-Putin pamphlets reading 'Another 12 years? Thank you, no!', before being detained.

    Tuesday's demonstration follows a mass rally against the government of Putin on Saturday.

    Tens of thousands took to the streets demanding fair elections.

    Putin, who was president from 2000 until 2008, and now holds the office of prime minister is hoping to return to the presidency this year.

    He had ushered Dmitry Medevedev into the Kremlin because of a constitutional bar on three successive terms as head of state.

    Putin then became the prime minister, but he has remained the dominant leader.

    Putin faces four opponents in his bid to retake the presidency.

    A Russian public research group the 'Levada Centre' says about 78 percent of Russians think Putin will win.