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县丰顺多斯恩施州鄂州额尔古纳市二连浩特市恩施市恩平市峨眉山市峨边彝族自治县峨山彝县族自封开治县洱源县 filmbay 额敏县. e premium content In a cement splice the two pieces of film overlap each other and are fused together with film cement. For editing, all the sound, location sound and additional sound, is transferred to mag stock, where it is run on an editing machine in tandem with picture, one frame of picture equaling one frame of sound. media manager A toothed driving wheel used to move film through various machines by engaging with the perforated holes in film stock. pc firefox mac other platforms elton john here clothing community radio killed powered davos 2012 trailer got longer previous slide chatter A person is often employed to check that continuity is maintained since reshooting embarrassing lapses in continuity can be prohibitively expensive Directional Charact