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    Baseball Hitting Stance - Where in the Batters Box - Chad Moeller

    Chad Moeller

    by Chad Moeller


    So we have this giant box right here. We have a giant box. We have home plate and our box. Where do you stand? I mean there’s a lot of space here. We get back here too far, we can’t reach home plate. We get in too close and now we’re going to get jammed on everything. So how do you choose where you stand in the box? Let me give you a few guidelines. Hope these will help you. They did for me. Cause at times I wasn’t sure where I should be in the box. I’d have coaches tell me different things. It comes down to the hitter. They want to feel comfortable and you need to feel comfortable where you’re at.

    Let me give you a few guidelines. First off, let’s make sure we get to contact point. This is our contact point. We want to get to right here. Now lay the bat down.
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