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    IAF: Iran top concern

    INFOLIVE.TV NEWS 06/02/2012
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    INFOLIVE.TV NEWS 06/02/2012 1 -- Syrian forces bombard Homs, 60 reportedly kil...
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    Syrian forces kill 60

    Syrian forces bombarded the city of Homs early on Monday, killing 60
    people in a wave of attacks across several districts, An activist said
    forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad were using multiple rocket
    launchers in the attack. Arab satellite television stations broadcast
    live footage from Homs where explosions could be heard and smoke could
    be seen rising from some buildings. Activists said more than 200
    people were killed on Friday night when tanks and artillery blasted a
    neighborhood of Homs, a turbulent city that has become a centre of
    resistance to Assad's rule. A top member of the National Syrian
    Council said that a top Iranian military official, Kassam Salimani,
    commander of the Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard special
    forces unit is actively aiding the regime and has taken up a spot in
    the war room which manages army maneuvers against opposition forces in
    suppressing popular unrest throughout the country.

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    Category: Assad Regime

    IAF: Iran top concern

    The escalating public discourse over the possibility of a strike on
    Iran's nuclear facilities has put a magnifying glass on incoming IAF
    Chief Major-General Amir Eshel's stance on the issue. In a rare speech
    made by Eshel last month at the Jerusalem Center for Public affairs,
    Eshel stressed that while the decision to launch an airstrike on the
    Islamic Republic is left up to the political echelon, Iran is Israel's
    primary concern. Eshel raised the concern that a nuclear Iran could
    embolden terror groups that operate with the Islamic Republic's
    backing, including Hamas and Hezbollah -- a development that would
    restrict the IDF in Gaza and Lebanon.

    Keywords: IAF, Eshel, Iran, Israel, Concern

    Category: Israeli Politics

    Abbas heading unity government

    Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Meshal said in a joint
    announcement on Monday that Abbas will head a Fatah-Hamas unity
    caretaker cabinet, in a move that could pave reconciliation between
    the rival factions. Meshal said that Palestinians wanted to accomplish
    unity and move forward in order to resist the enemy and achieve their
    common goal. Abbas, promised that this effort would be implemented in
    the shortest time possible. A Palestinian source indicated that both
    parties were considering the option of naming Palestinian Prime
    Minister Salam Fayyad and Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh as
    Abbas' deputies.

    Keywords: Abbas, Fatah, Hamas, Haniyeh

    Category: Palestinian Politics

    Israel recruiting gay envoys

    Israel is recruiting gays and lesbians as unofficial envoys. In a bid
    to boost its international image, the country's Ministry of Public
    Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs has established a framework of diverse
    volunteers who speak about Israel around the world. The ministry is
    encouraging minorities and members of the gay community to step
    forward. Ministry spokesman Gal Ilan said the goal was to highlight
    Israel's diversity. Israel has recently been promoting itself as a gay
    friendly oasis in an intolerant Middle East.

    Keywords: Gay, Lesbian, Spokesman, Diversity, Israel

    Category: Israel

    World leaders' chefs cook for peace

    220 wealthy people from Israel and abroad were lucky enough to have
    five leading professional cooks of world leaders cook for them. The
    event was planned by Chef Shalom Kadosh, with the aim of preparing a
    gourmet meal at a Peres Center for Peace fundraiser for activities
    that would help bring Israeli and Palestinian children closer
    together. This fabulous quintet, along with Kadosh, gathered Wednesday
    at the Herods Hotel in Tel Aviv. Each chef was asked to cook his
    special dish kosher. The first course was prepared by US President
    Barack Obama's chef, the second course by Russian President Dmitry
    Medvedev's chef the third course by head chef of Prince Albert of
    Monaco. The fourth course, Chef Shalom Kadosh himself and the fifth
    course was made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy's chef. Dessert
    was prepared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel's chef.

    Keywords: World Leaders, Chefs, Shalom Kadosh, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Category: Israeli Culture

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