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    Arma2-OA-British SAS SBS Addon


    by WOTW-Crew

    Made this in pure dedication to my English Collective Second in charges,at the end when all threats are neutralized,i got it "Artistic and a Musician" came over me. If you end up laughing over it,enjoy it or hate it doesnt really matter. I surely gave the Bad Ass SAS/SBS Addon a Showcase noone else has done before. No no no,not being cocky. Who else would do this for half an hour for someone else they appreciate? LOL. Hope you like it as much as i do my demdemdemdems with a 2IC tag on you. For me personally,SBS SAS are probably the rawest muthas when it comes to Special Forces. "Yeah Gus,close em right down mate!" LOL. Ah anyway,enjoy...or "enjoy" haha