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    Millions of Fish Die From Cadmium Pollution in Guangxi, China


    by NTDTelevision

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    A river in China's Guangxi region was recently polluted with cadmium, a cancer-causing chemical. Local officials estimate that more than 88-thousand pounds of fish have died from poisoning and they are carrying out an investigation.

    In China's Guangxi Autonomous Region, millions of fish were found dead in Longjiang River on January 15. Cadmium pollution has been confirmed as the cause. Investigations are still underway.

    [Li Li, Vice Mayor of Hechi City]:
    "1.33 million small fish and 40,000 kilograms of adult fish were found dead on Thursday in a section of the river from Lalang to Sancha. 237 households of farmers and their 758 net cages have been affected."

    Samples from the water indicated high levels of cadmium. Over 154 melting companies along the river are under suspicion.

    [Li Li, Vice Mayor of Hechi City]:
    "We are still carrying out thorough investigation over these firms one by one. We have blocked out the source of the contamination although the investigation is still underway. It can not be done overnight."

    So far, a total of 17 suspects from two companies—the Guangxi Jinhe Mining Co. Ltd. and Hongquanlide Powder Factory—have been singled out for the damage. Three more are still missing.