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    Learn To Play Musical Instruments Mridangam Lessons 1 to 4 With N. Ramakrishnan

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    The Mridangam is an ancient percussion Instrument of South India. Hailed as the King of South Indian percussion Instruments, it forms the primary rhythmic accompaniment in a carnatic music ensemble. The word mridangam is derived from the Sanskrit words Mrid and Angam - Mrid meaning clay and Angam meaning body. The lessons on this DVD have been tailored by Sri N. Ramakrishnan in such a way that they can be practiced in the comfort of your home.

    1. History of Mridangam.
    2. Physical components.
    3. Tips before performing.
    4. The Instrument - Sizes and Varieties.
    5. The Nature of its Sound.
    6. The History of the Masters and Schools of Thought.
    7. Gurukalam.
    8. Profile of N. Ramakrishnan.
    9. Lessons on Mridangam.