13th Performance Of "Peek A Boo Kids Clubis "


by TheBollywoodShow

Peek-a-boo's is an organization running Pre-school activity clubs (1 -- 4 years) as well as a Creative Arts Club (2 - 12 years).Our pre-school activity clubs include conducting various activities such as Moms & Cubs club (1-2yrs.), Play Group (2-3yrs.) & Nursery (3-4yrs.),while under our creative arts club we undertake various specialized workshops like Phonics, Grammar, Arts & Crafts,Elocution & Drama, Rhythm your toes (dance), Eves, (Tell me why) , EME (English Made Easy) Abacus for children (1 to 12yrs.There philosophy is to cultivate skills and impart knowledge to children in a fun and interesting manner. Our clubs as well as all our workshops are handled by professional and trained teachers and special educators who are dedicated and committed towards early childhood development of children.Welcome to Mumbai, City of Dreams.For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood kindly subscribe www.youtube.com/the bollywoodshow