Meatloaf-Paradise by the Dashboard Light


by Dan

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weltongooner, that isn't Ellen Foley, that's Karla DeVito, lip-synching to Ellen Foley's singing.
By MLM August
So…Meat? You've been a HUGE part of my life and I just want to sat thank you for ALL the great music…By the Dash boardlight? Was on the Jukebox where I worked for years…and EVERY single person that came in? Played it …Saw you on the show with Donald …you cried a bit…and just made us all love you even more…thank you for have NO idea how much you've done for us all…thank you.
By Emily Politis-Owens 3 years ago
Love the song, hate the COMMERICAL in the middle of the song. b
By John Ketchum 4 years ago
This song makes me laugh.
By gavstuf2 4 years ago
How many couples can associate themselves with this. Superb rock classic and doesn't Ms Foley look good.
By weltongooner 5 years ago
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