Mormonism Supports Lying, A simple fact.

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When a person is asking to become the leader of the free world, then all aspects of that person's life are germane to the possible effect(s) upon the responsibilites or even conflicts those areas may have in their ability, or inability to hold that office in a manner that has been vetted to ensure the American voter, they will place the best interest of the people and county above their own beliefs.

Religion, especially any religion which may present a conflict of interest in apposing either Law, system or the morality of the American way of life, shall not be ignored.

In my research, I have uncovered a fact concerning Mormonism; which is being silenced in the name of ethic, and moral correctness, whereas ethic and moral correctness stand in question by the very act of silencing and oppressing information willfully to the very people who own every right to be made aware of this reality.

Mormonism, supports and condones the use of dishonesty (Lying) to serve their belief "religion" much in the same manner Islam does. ( i.e. See: Taqiyya ).

Yet to date, not one question has been set before a Mormon candidate which has addressed or even acknowledge this reality.

Even more disturbing: Evidence of dishonesty is overwhelming in the use of twisted truths, distortions and outright lies within advertisement through television commercials of this candidate, in fact these advertisements are the very foundation of their campaign, out spending any other candidate running for the Presidency.

Concisely put: Mormonism supports Lying.