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    How I Fixed my Sony Vegas Rendering Woes Easy 4GB Memory Patch Linus Tech Tips


    by LinusTechTips

    This has been plaguing me forever. I spent so much time sending tickets to Sony (most of which just received canned responses) and reading their support forum and whatnot without any kind of indication that this was the problem. Finally I just went with my gut feeling and tried to figure out if it was some kind of a RAM issue.

    Turns out Sony Vegas 11 is STILL 32-bit only for the non-professional ($500+ version) so that's what's causing it to crap out all the time.

    Here's what I want to know:

    1. How did this ever make it past QC? I've had issues rendering anything longer than about 15 minutes before applying this patch

    2. Why didn't Sony just patch the .EXE for me?

    3. WHY ISN'T IT 64-BIT IN THIS DAY AND AGE?? And then we sit around wondering why PC users are moving to Mac!