Baseball and Softball Hitting Stance - The Hands - Chad Moeller

Chad Moeller
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So as in our previous lesson, we talked about stance. In this lesson I want to talk to you about where our hands should be. We talked about where our feet, our chest, our legs should be in our stance. Where our weight should be distributed, but let’s talk about where our hands should be. There’s a lot of places we can put our hands and there’s a lot of places we don’t want to have our hands. We want to find a place that’s going to give us the best chance to succeed.

Let’s be honest, hitting’s difficult. We got a round bat, trying to hit a round ball, being thrown at us extremely hard and we don’t know at what speed it’ going to come at. This is a difficult game. This is a difficult part of the game. So we want to put ourselves in the best chance we have to succeed.
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