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    Baseball and Softball Hitters Stance - The Head - Chad Moeller

    Chad Moeller

    by Chad Moeller


    Like we talked about in the previous segment, a lot takes place up here in our head, a lot of things that can screw us up at the plate. We’re not going to talk about that in this segment. We’re going to talk about the actual location of our head, where our head is in our stance. The spot where our head is can affect a lot of things. If our head’s tilted, that’s going to lead to problems. If we’re closed off too far and I’m only using one eye, that’s going to cause problems.

    So use this as a guide. You want to have your head turned all the way around so we have two eyes level on the pitcher. My head is square in this position. It’s not tilted over. It’s not turned this way. We want to use two eyes. Have two eyes facing that pitcher out there. My chin is up.
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