Lisa Cross Abdominal Trainning リサ・クロスさんの腹筋トレ


fuusenmaru より

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2010 FBB Champ of England

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dreambody !
ユーザー名 musclebabes 昨年
Sorry,I thought this famous clip already belong in "De facto Public Domain".
Aside from that, I'm so thrilled to the comment of Lisa Cross herself.
As if I was called by one of goddess in the Heaven.Thank You Lisa!
ユーザー名 fuusenmaru 2 年前
Hi you have taken my copyright logo of this video? Your information is incorrect I was Champion in 2010 not 2011
ユーザー名 Lisa Cross 2 年前
Lisa Cross should dress up a beautiful Full body Catsuit (in latex or spandex). Her tight muscles!!! x-c
ユーザー名 Mozilo 2 年前
what an incredible woman!!!
ユーザー名 bigartstud 3 年前