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    Music for Babies to Sleep


    by MusicAndChants

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    Sleeping is a natural thing and Almighty's gift and it should be learned very easily form the newborn stage it self. Babies younger than four months old have very different sleep needs than older babies during the ealy months of every baby's life he sleeps when he is tries, it's really that simple. You can do very little to force, a new baby to sleep when he doesn's want to sleep, and conversely, you can do little to wake him up when he is sleeping soundly. A very important point to understand about newborn babies is that they have very, very tiny tummies. New babies grow rapidly, their diet is liquid, and it digests quickly. During those early months, your baby will have tremendous growth spurts that affect not only daytime, but also nighttime as well, sometimes pushing that two-to four-hour schedule to a one-to two-hour schedule around the clock. On account of this, preamble in every new mother's repertoire should have information about what sleep is for a baby? How a newborn sleeps? And the like...

    The selected music in this compact disc has been given to many babies and this has been developed after 30 months of exposure and the research reveals it helps them to sleep, soothing them to better sleep. The regular exposure of this music to babies helps them to attain healthful sleeping habits in a baby's life. The music presented in this album makes the baby to recognize the sleep stages by themselves!

    This album helps new born babies to toddlers, say up to the age of five years.

    The research has been carried our by Dr.T.Mythily PhD, a Research scholar, a Cognitive Neuro Psychologist, and Music Therapist. A Doctoral Degree holder in Psychology with Classical music and its therapentic values for the improvement in the behavior. She is a graded artist by AIR, a performing vocalist, She is a disciple of the performing phenmena of the century, world celebrity, Chevalier, the legend Padmavibhushan Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna.