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    Hush A Bye Baby Lullabies for Children


    by MusicAndChants

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    Sleep is vital for your baby, as sleep develops the brain and builds the body. Restful sleep also decreases stress and agitation. 'Hush a By Baby' brings you caressing music and re-assuring lyrics to engage the attention of your child and bring the warmth of melody and world. This album is replete with sweet and vibrant music accompanying words full of tenderness and reassurance. These lullabies fo mama and papa will assure baby of the nearness of love and comfort. In variegated rhythms and tones, the songs paint beautiful scenarios for your baby-from candles shedding golden light to stars twinkling away their eternal messages and snow flakes pouring form the heavens. Let your child warm up to "Hush a By Baby' and see a hundred dreams form the rocking cradle.
    1. A kiss
    2. A Kiss all the time
    3. Blanket
    4. Don't you cry
    5. Dream land
    6. Good night
    7. Happy things
    8. Hush
    9. Mummy is close to you
    10. Mother's song
    11. October song
    12. Pretty baby
    13. Pretty maid
    14. Rock a by baby
    15. Snow flakes from the sky
    16. Sweet and low
    17. The wales tale
    18. Twinkle
    19. Whispering hope