Baby Dreams Music for Relaxation Nurturing and Sleep


by MusicAndChants

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Relaxation, rest and good sleep are vital for the growth of a happy and healthy baby. 'Baby Dreams' is designed to give you a helping hand by providing music that will attune your baby to its surroundings and stabilize rest and sleep patterns. While rocking the cradle is a good way of lulling baby to sleep and rest, soothing music is even more effectual in giving comfort and reassurance. Relaxing music in the background while baby is being gently rocked in the cradle is double effective. As baby grows, the serene instrumental music of the 'Baby Dreams' tracks will serve as a valuable preamble to sleep and rest. The familiarity of the music will serve as a useful reminder of the need to switch off. Playing these tracks in the same order, time, and sound level will prove to be a heaven-send in the nurture of your baby.
1. Dream world
2. Pretty baby
3. Dream boat
4. Dream walk
5. Dreaming about nature
6. Baby rhythms
7. Love birds