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    Sleep Little Baby Lullabies for Children


    by MusicAndChants

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    Tender Sounds, Tremulous Sounds, Caressing Sounds, Gentle Sounds a cosy web of screne melody is woven for baby in this special album, designed to sweetly lull it into restful sleep. Surrounding baby with soothing, relaxing and calm music will build worlds of trust and composure that will last a lifetime, and give the child the rest and sleep that are so vital to its growth. These loving moulded instrumental tracks create a healthy ambience of reassuring, affirming sound vibration to help infants and newborn babies relax and sleep.
    1. Baa Baa Black Sheep
    2. Cuddle
    3. Diamond Ring
    4. Fast Asleep
    5. Go To Sleep
    6. Good Night
    7. Brahm's Lullaby
    8. Oh My Darling
    9. Rock A Bye Baby
    10. Sweet And Low
    11. Wee Willy Winky
    12. Whispering Hope
    13. Bumped His Head