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    【MMD】PV Hatsune Miku: Fire of Phoenix Reborn Original en Español

    Raiku Hoshigami

    Raiku Hoshigami より

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    "Five years ago the Earth almost was destroyed by the titaness Eos, but the other titans won't allow the humanity rebellion, the divine battle against the titans shall be begin. . .. "!

    Hi! Mina-san, Everyone!, Here come again!, Finally with the second part of The Legend of Ray story, now is 5 years after, our heroes now are adults, but they are still warriors, and new heroes will come!; New enemies and new powers will arise too; Raiku and his friends must be fight to the new menace that comes; if you even didn't watch the first Legend of Ray video, must watch it first: Hatsune Miku: ElektroShock!;

    If you liked this idea for an anime, contact me and we can develope this better! n_n

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