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    Egypt Security Forces Use Tear Gas on Angry Protesters


    by NTDTelevision

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    Irate Egyptians clash with security forces, protesting against the deaths of 74 people who died in a soccer incident on Thursday. Security forces fire tear gas at demonstrators in Cairo, with hundreds fleeing the scene.

    Egyptians are outraged by the deaths of 74 people in a soccer violence clash with security forces on Thursday during anti-government protests.

    Security forces fire tear gas at demonstrators near the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Cairo, prompting hundreds to flee.

    The protesters chant "Down, down with military rule," many holding pictures of those killed.

    Earlier, a witness saw a dozen masked youths remove a barbed wire barrier blocking one route to the Interior Ministry and throwing stones at riot police standing guard.

    The Interior Ministry said in a statement that security forces were protecting the building after protesters cut the wire barricades and climbed over concrete walls in an attempt to reach the building.

    As tear gas canisters flew, unconscious people were ferried away from the area on motorbikes and ambulances raced to the scene.

    It follows the incident at the stadium in Port Said on Wednesday night, Egypt's worst ever soccer disaster.

    At least 1,000 people were injured in the violence when soccer fans invaded the playing field.

    The incident has triggered fresh criticism of the ruling military council, which has pledged to hand power to an elected president by the end of June.