Song Of The Whale, Part One: From Dawn - Tangerine Dream cover (Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi software - Virtual Musical Instruments)

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  • Playlists – Song Of The Whale Pt.1 From Dawn (*) Tangerine Dream cover using the following VST instruments:

- Magnus Choir VSTi (0:29 to 8:14)
- Syntheway Strings VSTi (1:01)
- Fantasize SoundFont SF2 Player VSTi (Pads, Synths (0:15), Acoustic Guitars (1:01), Drums (5:01) SF2 samples)
- ReFX Slayer 2: EBass (1:01), Electric Guitar (3:33, 6:50)

(*) Originally by Edgar Froese, Chris Franke from Tangerine Dream’s Underwater Sunlight album (released in 1986).

Software Description:
Magnus Choir is a virtual instrument plug-in which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, using a combination of synthesis and sampling.

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