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    Full Ron Paul Interview On Piers Morgan 02/03/12


    by SaveOurSovereignty

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    fred derf
    why is everyone trying to pass the buck on the 9/11 bullshit.
    How are Israel able to FORCE usa to do anything?
    By fred derf2 years ago
    This was a great interview. Piers Morgan is a prick and I agree with Scott_Downer, Ron handled his attempts at overtalking him very very well. Go Ron Paul.
    By rocketscientist14 years ago
    It's no secret that Israel was a player in sending us to war in Iraq. Now they want to drag us into Iran based on the same lies and misinformation they put forth about Iraq. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can see through this sinister plot. Piers was totally out of line arguing the Israeli line, misquoting the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and not giving Ron Paul a chance to explain his answers to the questions. Piers was even so disgusting as to accuse Ron Paul of "defending" Ahmadinejad. Since when is being correct about the man's quote "defending" him? PIERS IS SO IGNORANT. IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING TO TRY AND LISTEN TO RON PAUL while Piers was interrupting every 5 seconds. Luckily Ron won the debate. Go home Piers.
    By meemacat4 years ago
    Scott Downer
    This was some media I am Glad Ron Paul got! And the way Mr.Morgan tried to over talk Ron Paul and how Ron handled it was the Best !!!
    By Scott Downer4 years ago
    God I hate piers morgan SO MUCH. My God...he has more of an israel hardon than the former host, Larry King, who was Jewish. Whom, I should mention, I greatly respect for being a very professional and polite interviewer regardless of who he brought on his show.
    By supermansucks4 years ago