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    Mi Pecado: Capítulo 101

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    Mirela Feraru
    muy bien no te mereses nada mal nacida hahahahaha do te dejo nada de erensya hahahaha
    Por Mirela FeraruHace 2 años
    Ingrid Li
    for the most part i hated this novella, however, has time went on it has grown on me. some times i really hate the mother however, as i watch this novell i have come to understand relationship towards her daughter, not that i agree with her. in truth she should have given the child up. i hope the do not break this beautiful couple i think they work well together.
    Por Ingrid LiHace 4 años
    Devonne Hart
    Y el 102 ?? =(
    Lo puedes subir porfa!!! :)
    Por Devonne HartHace 4 años