Lullaby In Piano Music for Babies to Sleep Instrumental

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This carefully crafted album of lullabies in piano is the musical equivalent of rocking your baby's cradle to induce sleep. Tender melodies lead baby gently by its finger to rosy-hued regions of rest and relaxation. Perfumed instrumental themes full of tenderness and caring waft baby into deep rest and rejuvenation. Soothing music in the background as your baby closes its eyelids has been found to be a very effective method of aiding deep sleep, and this album serves as a powerful tool of nurture for baby's sleepy-time regime. The musical pieces here will envelope the child in an ambience of softness, calm and reassurance. Here is special music for your baby that will create the best vibrations for rest and relaxation.
1. Breeze
2. Cuddle
3. Dreams
4. Dream world
5. Fast Asleep
6. Go to Sleep
7. Grandfather's clock
8. Rock a by baby
9. Rocking
10. Silence
11. Sleep
12. Sweet and low
13. Whispering hope