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    Expendable - Part 3: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Vincent Terrell

    by Vincent Terrell

    Management of public opinion is often of significant importance, with respect to both domestic and foreign policy of government. In Australia, with respect to Schapelle Corby, the ABC’s role in this process was increasingly stark and obvious.

    Their support for the government’s initial policy, to sacrifice Schapelle Corby and her human rights, was evident even prior to the verdict. Their output followed entirely predictable domestic propaganda practices, embracing commercial media orchestration, culture & entertainment, and hostile news management.

    The techniques and examples illustrated in the film are stark, and often alarming. Embedding ridicule into entertainment broadcasts followed established patterns, but the level of their news management against Schapelle Corby and her family was unprecedented. Hostile interviewing, intrusive research, and the broadcasting of fabrications as fact, are only a handful of the practices openly exposed by the film.

    Other techniques revealed include repetition of hostile impact phrases, and the regular suppression of news stories positive to Schapelle Corby or family members. Political appointments to the ABC, by Prime Minister John Howard, are also embraced.

    This extract presents a clear demonstration of the processes used to influence the public against Schapelle Corby and her family, including actual and unambiguous evidence to illustrate the long term nature of the ABC's agenda.