Don't shout at the Telly: Queer Progress


by WORLDwrite

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Gay rights have vastly improved over the decades, but have we progressed enough? This lively on-the sofa discussion with Jason Smith a freelance journalist and director of Birmingham salon explores the state of ‘queer progress’ today, from Clinton and Cameron’s advocacy of tying foreign aid to gay rights to Stonewall calling for a policing of anti-gay speech in the playground. Has intolerance of anti-gay intolerants lead to a tyranny of the minority? Are gay individuals so vulnerable they now need posh protectors to police our views and intervene in African states?

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This rather open and adult discussion of gay rights seems a mighty long way from the usual LGBT campaigns that seem to want to police our speech. The questioning of the imperialist angle of those wanting to deny third world aid unless anti-gay laws are revoked is the most interesting. Personally I found the religious question a bit of a red herring by comparison. Thoughtful – well done!
By andrew hirst 3 years ago