Oh Mio Signore (Alleluia) - Marzia Gaggioli

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marzia gaggioli
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Song composed, played and performed by Marzia Gaggioli. All the voices are sung by Marzia.

Musica, testo e voci di Marzia Gaggioli.

Marzia Gaggioli is an italian singer song-writer and classical music composer. She has never studied music and she composes and plays by ear.
Her songs have different sounds: from rap to rock to pop to jazz and more, till classical music.
she is enrolled in the SIAE (italian society for authors and editors)and she compose, sings, plays, arranges and records her songs in different languages (she learns by herself).
Until now, she has composed more than 1000 pieces of music (between songs and classical).
She has also others passions: she loves painting and drawing, she's writing her second book and she loves shooting and editing her videoclips.

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Absolutely stunning creative beautiful song and presentation..My Favorite. I also made a special playlist just for your songs..You can see it on my profile page..Welcome and be part of the larger community on Daily Motion...Your talent Shines..Greetings from Zuzanna
Di Zuzanna Musial 3 anni fa