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    Waiter Carries 33 Pounds of Plates on Head


    by NTDTelevision

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    And finally...if you don't think being a waiter is a skilled profession...this story may just change your mind. One man in southwest China doesn't just bring people their food...he does it with style.

    In Chongqing, 54-year-old Yang Guangqiang is not your average waiter. Just take a look at all the plates on his head.

    Here, Yang is carrying over 33 pounds of dishes on his head. The plates are put on wooden planks.

    This head-balancing skill is known as 'Dapen', and it's been around for 200 years. According to Yang, he's been practicing since he was 24 by carrying a heavy board.

    [Yang Guangqing, 'Dapen' Waiter]:
    "Your head and neck should be really vigorous and the balance skills are important. And you should look steadily forward."

    As the ninth successor of the Dapen skill, Yang hopes it can be passed down to future generations.