Ben Pollack & His Orch. - Wait 'Til You See Ma Chérie, 1929

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Ben Pollack & His Park Central Orchestra, Vocal by Charles Roberts (Smith Ballew) - Wait 'Till You See Ma Chérie (Leo Robin /Richard A.Whiting) Foxtrot from Paramount picture "Innocents of Paris", Victor 1929

Note: To my regret I had to erase the previous clip and re-upload it, when some obstacles in playing were signalled. I hope, it's gonna be allright now :-))

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Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
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Przez grzegorz240252 3 lata temu
An exquisite Smith Ballew vocal accompanying Ben Pollack in great form. Truly outstanding, and i loved those wonderfully atmospheric pictures. As usual you came up with a brilliant video; thank you for persevering and reposting!
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
grzegor,what I meant we're 1,000s of miles apart and doing the same thing.It was the first time in a few years that i handled that disc.Some real famous musicians are in this orchestra including Benny Goodman,Jack Teagarten,Jimmy Mcpartland and Ben Pollack.Blakie,I was going with the Giants until I saw Chuck Shummer was backing them.Go Pates!
Przez Lou 3 lata temu
It came through fine here. There's only one Paris!
Przez Boston Blackie 3 lata temu
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