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The Living Messiah of Our Time - P4/4

6 years ago8 views – The Living Messiah of Our Time - P4/4 September 3,1994, Hawaii, USA. Episode: 1858, Air Date: 16 October 2011.

@Any more questions?

*To get initiated, do you have to be a vegetarian?


*And then what exactly does initiation do to you? Like, I believe in while we are on this Earth that we live as close as possible to the real God, which is love yourself and love one another (@That's good.) and be non-judgmental, and not only meditating and praying, but to do, actually do, the will of God. In other words, try to be the light of this world, instead of giving people a bad time or giving them hard feelings.

@It's good. That's good. You're already there, yes?

*Plus the deed is not only what you do, but did, in your thought-life, as well.

@Sure, sure, sure, sure. We'll take care of all that at the initiation.

*The initiation will enhance that I can do all those? Because daily I self-examine myself, sometimes I see myself… I'