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    Bed Times Rhymes for Children


    by MusicAndChants

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    Bed-time rhymes with positive, comforting and calming themes are repeated to beautiful effect in Papa's and Mama's voices. The vocals are in a loving tone and invite baby to a slew of stories from that of the man in the moon to that of the bear and the elephant. Apart from introducing baby to different words, they inveigle it to a fairy-tale world of beauty and comfort. The instrumental interludes caress baby's tender ears. Put paid to the mild sleep disturbances and the restlessness of your child eith these gentle ditties. Here are the special rhymes for your child that will create the best vibrations for rest and relaxation.
    1. My little rhymes
    2. All through the night
    3. Give me the blanket
    4. Sleep
    5. Camel
    6. Slumbers
    7. Snow Flakes
    8. Dream Land
    9. The bear
    10. Highway bed times
    11. Kisses
    12. Mummy's gonna buy you
    13. Moon
    14. Sky
    15. Irish
    16. Fisherman
    17. Down the bay
    18. Crazy stories
    19. Hippity hop
    20. Leaves
    21. Blow the man down
    22. Give me the blanket (Instrumental)