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    Chris Trapper & Rob Thomas-Here All Along [Lyrics, Download]


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    You scratched all your suffering
    You tattooed the scars
    So no one sees
    You reckoning
    What was a lifetime ago

    You let go your truest friends
    To hold onto your high
    But no one knows
    How slow it goes
    When you're falling down from the sky

    There are secrets that the lonely know
    You always have yourself to talk to, no matter where you go

    Every time you go, you go for so long
    And I hope you know
    I was here all along

    You can't sleep if you're shivering
    With sand in your shoes
    But no one saw
    You washed to shore
    When you landed here at my door

    You lost almost everything
    Except for the stars
    So let's go see
    Them shimmering
    This is now where you are