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    Birkenstock sandal cartoon


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    I love my "Jesus Joggers."

    They've been recorked once and resoled thrice, and I had to put new liners in once.

    I simply CANNOT bring myself to wear them with socks, though. Clogs and socks, okay. Sandles and socks? Sorry. That just ain't right. Kind of a pitty, though, as I knit and have some very interesting socks that I don't really get a chance to show off. I've been considering getting some clogs for colder weather, though.

    As to why they're so comfortable: as many have commented, it's just hard for us broad-footed folk to find shoes that are wide enough without them being ridiculously too long, especially in America. Also, I think the cork soles are the perfect impact-absorbtion material for normal walking and standing. For running, you definitely need something with more "give" but if you're not doing anything high-impact, cork gives you more support--cradles the foot more effectively.
    By Shoe-man4 years ago