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    Designer Meiyi Cheung Says Han Couture Promotes Chinese Culture


    by NTDTelevision

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    Entries for NTD's Global Han Couture Design Competition are now being accepted. The competition seeks to breathe new life into the age old art form. And at Hong Kong's Fashion Week, we caught up with one of the top designers who says she's excited about NTD's initiative.

    NTD's 4th annual Global Han Couture Design Competition is now underway. It's open for design submissions until the end of February. Famous Hong Kong fashion designer Meiyi Cheng had some thoughts to share.

    [Meiyi Cheung, Fashion Designer]:
    "I like the details and natural simplicity of Han couture. It makes people feel elegant and beautiful. It takes a lot of hard work to make one piece, and the process is very complicated. I think it should be called a work of art."

    The competition is designed to not only display the traditional Chinese costumes, but also promote the culture behind Han couture. Cheung hopes that participating designers will try their best to showcase traditional Chinese styles.

    [Meiyi Cheung, Fashion Designer]:
    "I'm very happy. The Han Couture Design Competition should be promoted. After all, as a Chinese, I feel very encouraged to see that traditional Chinese culture is being given attention in the fashion industry... I hope all the participants can work hard to carry forward genuine Chinese culture."

    For the past few years, Han couture has participated in New York's fashion week. The deadline for the sketched designs on paper for this year's competition is February 29.