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    Chinese Regime Forces Activist to Spy on HK Group


    by NTDTelevision

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    An activist from Chongqing says the Chinese regime's secret police forced him to spy on a Hong Kong group. Zhang Shujie—a writer for the website—who has recently escaped to Sweden... revealed his story at a Swedish Parliament hearing.

    A 24-year-old social activist and writer for the website says the Chinese secret police forced him to spy on a Hong Kong group.

    Zhang Shujie, from Chongqing, recently managed to escape to Sweden.

    On Thursday, Zhang spoke at a hearing at the Swedish parliament about how he was arrested in February last year.

    [Zhang Shujie, Socialist Activist and Writer]:
    "At that time China was affected by Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution...Police came to my office and home, confiscated my computer and identification...A week later, police called me in, returned my computer for the purpose of cooperation and keeping in touch with them."

    Zhang said he was interrogated for nearly 30 hours—often standing, without food and without his eyeglasses.


    [Zhang Shujie, Socialist Activist and Writer]:
    "Secret police sent me to Hong Kong to attend the meeting and collect information. I went to Hong Kong just for the purpose of spying."

    He was told to use a mobile phone to take photos of individual attendees and to collect their personal information.

    Zhang was paid for his travel expenses and also about 480 US dollars.

    While in Hong Kong, Zhang escaped to Sweden with the help of the Hong Kong Parliament member Leung Kwok-hung and also the Irish and Swedish Embassies.

    The website cited Zhang saying, "Rather than become a spy for the dictatorship, I chose to leave China...This was the only way I could defend my right to speak out [and] not to be silenced as so many are being silenced by state repression."