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    Virtual Voicemail For Customers Of NuVox


    by Gr8rTechnology

    Get the voicemail features that you need, but you can't get from NuVox. Gr8r Technology supplies Virtual Voicemail, empowering you with all of the voicemail features, functionality and capabilities you could ever want, need or dream!


    • Every employee in your business gets their own separate personal voice mailbox!

    • Callers are automatically routed to the correct voice mailbox by the built-in Auto Attendant and the Dial-By-Name Directory.

    • Your receptionist or any office employee can manually transfer "live" calls to any employee's personal mailbox at any time.

    • You can create as many greetings, menus, sub menus, sub mailboxes, and phone trees as you want at no additional fee.

    • It's very affordable, scalable, flexible, and customizable.

    • There's No equipment to buy, No software to install, No infrastructure to build, No contract to sign, and No Internet requirements (it's not VoIP)!