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    Mary Greenwell Make-up Masterclass at Chanel's pop-up in Harrods!


    by GraziaUK

    In the Beauty Hall, we're lucky enough to meet legendary make-up maestro Mary Greenwell behind a pink pop-up counter surrounded by over-sized No.5 scent bottles and sweetie jars brimming with Chanel lipsticks, nail varnishes, eyeshadows... 'It's like a Chanel Christmas!' she trills excitedly. 'And Karl is Santa Claus!' Ooh, yes please.

    Mary introduces us to Chanel's limited-edition Knightsbridge collection, created by Peter Philips. 'The products speak about London in an English Rose way,' she explains, from the glowy Brompton Road blush to the bright pink lipsticks. Personally, we've fallen in lust with the sparkily eye colours that are so squishy, they can easily be applied by finger tip - and Ms Greenwell is their biggest advocate. 'They're not twinkle like [puts on disgusted voice] glitter. They're twinkle modern divineness.' We're sold. ;