Real Dream Girls

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Gayatri is simple housewife lady who is always busy with her pooja and family. Gayatri Husband Sanjay is totally opposite he always busy in beauty full girl, drinks and party he never see his wife properly always avoid her. Sanjay has a big business of Saree. He has a secretary name Priya. One day he raped her also. His father friend Pundit who is working in same office knows about this. He wan him about Sanjay insulted him very badly. So pundit took promise that he will not let him go. One day Sanjay went for the party where he meet a singer call Dolly and he felt in love. Every Day and night he used to spend with her. One day he asked her for marriage but Dolly says no you are already married. Sanjay say that he is going to divorce his wife then Dolly says. After that also you have nothing to give me how could I marry you Sanjay say who not I have so many Property. Dolly says no you have nothing you have done every thing in my name. Even all your Bank Balance is my name. Now you don't have anything with you. You had become Kangal. And I do not want to marry a Kangal. Then Sanjay realized that he was wrong. Sanjay says to Dolly that because of you I have lefted my Wife who is simple and good nature. God will never live me. At last pundit says that you have realized that you are wrong that's the big thing. You had left your wife but she is not lefted you. She is still with you in Dolly face. Sanjay say sorry to his wife, pundit and priya. At last Gayatri and Sanjay live Happily. At last Sanjay Says that THE REAL DREAM GIRL is our wife.

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