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Réalisé par : Adrien CRESPON, Adrien FAVRE-FELIX, Mélanie GRAS, Benjamin THEVENARD.

Son et Mixage : Jose VICENTE et Yoann PONCET (

Musique : Frédéric Varot

Enregistrement Comédiens: Lionel GAILLARDIN (

Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques. Montpellier. France. ©ESMA. 2011


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By cowardlytemptatub November
I don't speak French so, I might have missed something but didn't Eve eat the fruit first at the behest of the serpent. Also, Biblically the rainbow didn't exist until after Noah's flood. It was a physical reminder that God wouldn't flood the Earth again. This is all coming from an Atheist btw. So, hopefully I don't know the bible better than someone with faith.
By Snote85 July
any chance to get English subs ?
By GreenMarty last year
By Marie-Jeanne Basone 2 years ago
OUi, bien sur, ces gens éxelent, et, franchement, felicitation. =)
By MissMe JEMAPELLEPAS 3 years ago
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