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    #1 Most Over Looked Music Promotion Strategy


    by brandonorisbrown101

    serious and this has the power to change everything for you.

    Most artists, when their leverage in social media to promote their music or to market their concerts, shows or ringtones. There's a fundamental process that is totally skipped when it comes to promoting your music and the fundamental process that is overlooked. This is really the #1 reason why people are having trouble of promoting their music is because there's no relationship build. It's all about the relationship in the new music academy. The old music academy was more about the hits, to select the group of artist. What this new digital economy where there are platforms like Facebook, My Space, You Tube, RiverbNation, there's been a complete paradigm shift. In the way that people view artist, the way they interact with artist, and the way artist have to represent themselves and the value that they provide to their fans when they're promoting their music.

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