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    How To Pay Less For Canon EOS 1D Mark III 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera

    Exceptionally wide ISO range Combining the superb image capture capabilities of the new sensor with advanced Dual DIGIC III Image Processors, the EOS-1D Mark III offers the widest ISO range of any digital SLR in the world (as of February 2007). The standard range of 100 - 3200 can be extended to a remarkable 50 - 6400.* More importantly, the low-noise performance at high ISO settings makes the entire range usable in real-world shooting situations. * Standard output sensitivity. Recommended exposure index.

    14-bit A/D converters Whereas earlier EOS digital cameras used 12-bit A/D (Analog-to-Digital) converters, the EOS-1D Mark III employs new 14-bit converters to process the output of the imaging sensor. This ensures smoother tonal transitions and more natural gradations. RAW images are recorded at 14 bits so that the full range of tones captured by the sensor are available in 16-bit TIFF images.

    The Mark III's Dual DIGIC Image Processor
    Dual DIGIC III Image Processors The EOS-1D Mark III employs Canon’s latest DIGIC III Image Processor, which maintains the extremely high image quality standard of its predecessor but, amazingly, attains even higher processing speed. Moreover, the 1D Mark III uses not one, but Dual DIGIC III Image Processors operating in parallel to provide even greater data handling capability. The resulting imaging engine handles the huge amount of data from the 10.1-megapixel sensor with tremendous speed. Card write speeds are faster, noise control is significantly better, and camera responsiveness has been even further improved.

    EOS Integrated Cleaning System Canon’s advanced EOS Integrated Cleaning System uses both mechanical and software methods to effectively deal with dust accumulation on the imaging sensor.