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    Project Minimus: Prototype PCB test (playing Touch of Honey)


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    Minimus is a small amplifier capable of delivering up to 9.4W + 9.4W to a pair of 4Ohm speakers and up to 5.2W + 5.2W to a pair of 8Ohm speakers. This amplifier has controls for volume, balance, bass and treble. This video shows the prototype PCB (printed circuit board) being tested, reproducing the music "Touch of Honey" by General Fuzz. The circuit uses a LM1036 audio control and a TDA2009A power amplifier. The board is being supplied with 19.6V DC (instead of the predicted 15V AC) and it is connected to a pair of Visaton FR 10 4Ohm drivers. This amplifier is pretty loud, and driver excursion is quite noticeable even at lower levels. You can even notice the dimples on the surround of each driver. All four sound control features of this project are shown in this video.

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    Created: March 19, 2011